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Case Study Breakdown

Key Insights from the Case Study Experience

Sprintale using API integration for mapping the unstructured invoicing information for smooth functioning of custom and invoice processing for import & export units.

Project Brief
rDuty helps the customer with an all-in-one platform made for businesses to get accurate insight on tariff codes, duty, and taxes internationally. rDuty has various categories in which you can choose a precise one for a product to ensure that importers and exporters always pay the correct amount of duties and taxes for the product they choose.

Problem Statement
The organization, which engaged in providing accurate insight on tariff codes, duty and taxes, invoicing/custom processing, wanted an automated admin system that records the invoicing data in a highly proficient and accurate manner with less human effort.

Our growth service provider has analyzed and studied the clients requirement and tried to come up with a better solution. 

The Team used Rossum API integration to get the invoicing data at one centralized admin portal.

Our Approach
We conducted an extensive analysis of rDuty's existing processes, systems, and pain points. Our team collaborated closely with their stakeholders to understand their specific needs and objectives. Based on this comprehensive assessment, we devised a strategic plan to address their challenges and transform their operations.

Solution Implemented
As the organization is working in the import & export field, It is also  providing features for Calculate duties, taxes and other fees and the features to keep their invoicing record for all the export and import transactions on one centralized platform.

Integrating Rossum API to extract the invoicing data and send us the same in json format to centralized it at one place. Further with the help of a mapping function we get all the data related to invoice like category of transaction, country of manufacture, country of export/import, product details, address etc filled.

The automatic system follows an integrated process from sending internal requests to integrated Rossum API and then it sends back the data in json format further the database is updated over the admin panel automatically through mapping. 

Challenges while implementation
1. The manual process of translating, reading, transcribing, cataloguing and validating these invoicing documents had been an incredibly difficult task. 

2. Big exporter and importer companies have huge amounts of transactions, putting each invoice manual is not possible.

3. Maintaining Authentication & communication between Rossum API and client admin panel was a challenging task. 

A Valuable difference
In the Import and export sector, Big companies have huge responsibility for large numbers of import and export transactions which are impossible to manage by the single organization along with other major responsibilities.

Centralizing all the import and export companies' transaction billing at one place has made a valuable difference in accessing the invoicing data including the vendor details, custom duty charged, number of transactions done etc.

It is also helpful for clients to maintain the data easily on a single platform.

Technology or software
Rossum API
Ruby on Rails

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